Bryan Squeri of UES Arranges Tour of the Atkore Heritage Plastics Manufacturing Plant for ECF Members

Bryan Squeri, of United Electrical Sales, who is acting Vice President of the Electrical Council of Florida, coordinated with Atkore for #ECF members to tour the #HeritagePlastics manufacturing facility located in Tampa, Florida. On the plant tour, the team got to see how they make PVC conduit and was treated to dinner in the training room. Thank you to Dail Morris and the awesome #Atkore tour guides! This event was a huge success, and the team was fascinated by what they learned. Heritage Plastics is an American manufacturer of PVC conduit, fittings, and pipe for the electrical, irrigation, municipal, and plumbing markets. It was founded in 1992. Atkore acquired Heritage in 2013. Atkore Plastic Pipe and Conduit Group operates nine manufacturing facilities throughout the USA. #UESlines #UESrep